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  • Best 88-year-old golfer in the world” = using HOUSE OF FORGED

    …  The June 2, 2011 edition of the St. Petersburg Times reports that Bud Chapman may well be the best 88-year-old golfer in the world, and Bud’s driver shaft of choice is the HOUSE OF FORGED “Patriot” standard driver shaft.

  • HOUSTON HAIR named “LDA Player of the Month”

    … HOUSE OF FORGED was honored this past week when Canadian Houston Hair was named as the Long Drive Association’s “Player of the Month” based upon his victory at the recent “Tennessee Shootout” LDA tour long-drive event.  As mentioned by Houston in his interview with the LDA, he used House of Forged shafts.  Click the link below to read that interview,

  • HOUSTON HAIR wins LDA “Tennessee Shootout”

    … Our congratulations go out to Houston Hair of Vancouver, B.C. who won the LDA Tour’s “Tennessee Shootout” this weekend using a House of Forged shaft.  Although new to the LDA community, Houston got everyone’s notice when he qualified for world’s last October at the Last Chance qualifier, and then he followed with a Top 24 performance.  HOUSE OF FORGED shafts were

  • OWEN HANSON wins “HOF Shootout”

    … Former RE/MAX Junior World Long-Drive Champion Owen Hanson continued his winning ways on California turf by winning the HOF Shootout, which was held this past weekend at the Mid-Hill Golf Center in Corona, CA with a monster 407-yard drive.  HOUSE OF FORGED shafts were well represented at this event with 4-of-the-top-6 finalists using HOF shafts to include:  Owen Hanson/1st,

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