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HOUSE OF FORGED, Inc.… is a family-owned golf company that is operated by Robert and Lynda Kent.  The company has office, which are located in the Kearney Mesa area of San Diego.

… Our original business operations involved the sale of classic forged irons, hence the name “House of Forged.” That business found some recognition, and it was featured in a “Travel & Leisure Golf Magazine” article.

… We we continue to serve classic forged iron collectors by being the only company to sell custom ferrules for classic forged iron sets.

… In 2006 House of Forged went into the shaft business, and in October 2007 we erupted on the long drive scene when Mike Dobbyn won the RE/MAX LDA World Long Drive Championship with our shaft…. … We followed in 2008 and again in 2009 with Jamie Sadlowski winning the World Long Drive Championship, and our shafts have performed in dominating fashion since that date, leading up to Ryan Winther’s victory at the 2012 Re/MAX World Long-Drive Championships where 6-of-the-top-8 TV Finalists were using HOUSE OF FORGED shafts.

… Our shafts have continued their dominance in long-drive competition, and at the past two RE/MAX World Long-Drive Championships (in 2013 and again in 2014) five-of-the-eight TV Finalists were using HOUSE OF FORGED shafts.

… The secret of our success is quite simple. Our shafts are made by MATRIX, who are the Rolls Royce of shaft companies.  When you take the finest materials, and apply the finest engineering technology, and when you follow by using the finest electronic equipment (as manned by trained professionals who have an average of ten-years experience), you end-up with a product that you can be proud of, as well as a shaft that can win championships.

… We follow the old-fashioned, U.S. small business model.  We appreciate the needs of our customers, so we wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.


Robert & Lynda Kent