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How is a small company like HOUSE OF FORGED able to dominate the major shaft companies in long-drive competition?

While most the the major golf shaft companies spend their money on advertising and promotion (while adding-on a huge profit-margin for themselves and for their stockholders), we invest our money in quality shafts.  If you use higher quality materials, and better engineering to include use of MATRIX’S proprietary Computer-Aided Design, Tip Torsion Resistance, “HD” platforms, and RUL technology, and then combine that with MATRIX’S electronic-machine-rolling equipment as manned by trained professionals, you can easily achieve in manufacturing a far superior product.

How can your long-drive shafts help the average golfer to gain added distance to their drives?

… Just as NASCAR and FORMULA 1 auto-racing serve as a proving-ground for the automobile equipment, which later finds its way into our passenger cars and trucks, we compete in long-drive to perform similar testing on golf shafts, while proving the superiority of our shafts… Our standard (46”) driver shafts, which are suitable for the average golfer, are made with the same materials, with the same engineering, and by the same trained professionals as our long-drive shafts, and these standard driver shafts can provide the average golfer with the same characteristics as our long-drive shafts; namely: greater distance through better energy transfer for higer ball-speed, along with a more boring ball-flight with less side-to-side dispersion, which is achieved through a lower ball-spin rate.