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Ryan Winther

… HOUSE OF FORGED is honored to be a sponsor of top professional long-driver RYAN WINTHER, who has won the 2012 RE/MAX World Long-Drive Championships using our shafts.

Ryan Winther has not been competing for a long period of time; however, he has had an immediate and dramatic impact on the sport, drawing everyone’s attention with a 469-grid record drive at the 2010 RE/MAX Last Chance Qualifier on the Mesquite Championship grid, and then following by breaking world records for club-head and ball-speeds at the 2011 PGA Show in Orlando.

While Ryan had performed well over the past two years, by winning a number of independent long-drive events, and making the finals of several LDA Tour events, this was his first major win, and it came in dramatic fashion

With the wind blowing out in the early rounds, Ryan was actually bouncing balls off the Mesquite bluffs some 470-yards from the tee-box, and when the wind changed course for the quarter finals, semi-finals, and finals of the championship, blowing directly in the competitor’s faces, Ryan split the grid with some bombs to get the win.

We are honored that RYAN WINTHER was using HOUSE OF FORGED shafts, and we know that he will be a great chmapion and that he will further the sport considerably during the coming year.