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“CODE RED” – ultralight weight standard driver shaft

“CODE RED” – ultralight weight standard driver shaft


… In mid-2013  MATRIX offered us with a revolutionary “fat body” ultra light-weight long-drive shaft, which we aptly named the “59” series.  That long-drive series shaft quickly dominated long-drive competition such that 3-of-the-8 finalists at the GOLF CHANNEL championship telecast from the Las Vegas Speedway were using those shafts in the TV Finals.  No other shaft was represented by more than one competitor.  Based upon the success of this long-drive shaft, we asked MATRIX to build us a 46″ standard driver version = Please welcome the “CODE RED” series standard driver shaft.  This standard (46″) length standard driver shaft is offered in A/R/S/X/XX-flexes.  It runs just 47-55/grams.  It launches the ball mid-high, then it flattens-out to a boring ball-flight that goes forever.  Don’t assume that because of the light weight that this is a soft shaft… this is a very strong shaft, and for fitting purposes it plays-to-flex.



Flex       Wt  Cpm Torque Bend Launch Swing Speed
Senior    49    230     3.5      M/H    M/H      70-80+                                                   Regular  50    243     3.5      M/H    M/H      80-90+                                                  Stiff         51    253     3.5      M/H    M/H      90-100/+                                                 X-Stiff      52   265     3.5       M/H    M/H     100-115+                                           XX           55   277     3.5       M/H    M/H      115+

$9.99 = Flat-rate charge for shipping any number of shafts to the USA by USPS airfreight.

$24.99 = Flat-rate charge for shipping any number of shafts to Canada or Europe by USPS airfreight.


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