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… Our brand-new series of EXPRESS standard driver shafts feature MATRIX’S proprietary TTR (tip-torsion-resistance) technology in order to offer a shaft that is strong from butt-to-the-tip of the shaft with elasticity across the shaft, which will propel the ball with as much speed as possible, while lowering the ball-spin rate for a boring ball-flight and less side-to-side dispersion in the same manner as our championship-winning long-drive shafts.   These standard (60-70/gram-weight) shafts will dominate the so-called “premium” golf shafts of other manufacturers, which often cost three times as much.



Flex        Wt    Cpm  Torque    Bend  Launch   Swing Speed

Senior     60     229      4.0         M/L      Med       70-80/mph

Regular   61     241      3.5          Mid      Med       80-95/mph

Stiff          66     252      3.3         M/H      Med       90-105/mph

X              69     263      3.1         High     Med       105-115/mph

$9.99 = Flat-rate charge for shipping any number of shafts to the USA by USPS airfreight.

$24.99 = Flat-rate charge for shipping any number of shafts to Canada or Europe by USPS airfreight.

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