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the PLATINUM standard driver shaft

the PLATINUM standard driver shaft


... Our new PLATINUM series standard (46") standard driver shafts incorporate all of the proprietary MATRIX technologies, which were used in our PLATINUM series long-drive shafts that dominated the 2014 RE/MAX World Championships with 4-of-the-8 TV Round Finalists using that brand-new shaft. These unique shafts have the true raw specs laser-etched on to the underside of each shaft, and we also offer to laser-etch your name or some other notation of your choice on the shaft to further personalize it for you.  We offer this shaft in the widest possible range of weights and flexes with the Lite (Senior), the Regular-Lite, and the Stiff-Lite flexes running just 49-grams in weight, while the Regular, Stiff, and Extra-Stiff flexes run at the standard 65-gram-weight.  We also offer a long-driver's "Gamer" XX-flex shaft at a super heavyweight 85-grams.


FLEX     WT  CPM TORQ BEND LAUNCH SWING SPEED      Lite          49    230     4.0      M/L       M/H     70-80+/mph

R- Lite     49    240      3.5      Mid        M/H    80-95/mph

Regular   63    244      3.0      Mid        Mid     85-95/mph

S-Lite      50    250       3.5      Mid        M/H    90-100/mph

Stiff         65     254      3.0      M/H       Mid      95-105/mph

X-Stiff      67     264      3.0      M/H       Mid     105-115/mph

XX           85     272       3.0      M/H       Mid     120+/mph


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